A tool to help you wrangle the details of horse care and schedules, enabling you to provide consistent care based on a reliable source of information.

HoofHub is accessed from an application that can be utilized offline, for when you are away from WiFi and cellular service. Your data will sync in the background as soon as it is able to connect to the internet again.


Breeding planner

Plan and track dates and tasks for breeding operations. For example, calculating dates and reminders for:

Tracking and reminders for care tasks

Care tasks can be scheduled for an individual horse or multiple at a time.

Feed and supplement tracking

Store each horse’s daily feed and supplement information, keeping track of when changes are made so you can make correlations for how changes affect your horse based on your observations.

Care records

See any individual horse’s care record, and optionally share the information with others, such as a buyer or your veterinarian.


Add other team members to your farm so they can view and manage any tasks you assign them